Communication & Web Development

The assignment for Communication & Web Development can be located in the files section for this page, or you can alternatively download it by clicking here. Unfortunately, Clive has not assigned us groups before the end of the christmas holidays as it states in the assignment brief. You will need to form groups of three or four on your own and email Clive with the details before the end of the holidays as one of the group tasks is due in on the 21st January.

Assignment One: Weblog

The basis of this assignment is to produce a weblog around the topic of "Issues and Problems in Creative Design Teams". As we are working in groups for the second assignment, you should use the experience you've learnt and reflect upon it. A total of six entries must be made on the blog, with at least one per month, during the period of the 10th of December 2007 through to 21st of April 2008. References must be made to a minimum of two academic journals and some related sources such as books, journals and the internet.

Note: Clive has not given us details for the weblog, we should contact clive for further information.

Assignment Two: Project Documentation

(See file section for now)
Note: Clive has not given us a customer to work around, do we find our own or should we have been assigned one?

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