C# Code Snippets

I figured it would be a good idea to have a page for various code snippets people have written that could be useful other people to use.

Current snippets

Console Screen Buffer ~ Graeme Pollard
Description: A screen buffer that can easily be implemented into a console based game.

Basic Game Tutorial ~ Christopher Lord
Description: A simple console game where you can move around on the screen.

Find Largest Value in Array ~ Graeme Pollard
Description: This little script will find the largest value in an array surprisingly.

Circle to Circle Collision Detection ~ Graeme Pollard
Description: I'll explain how to find if 2 circles are touching in this tutorial as well as provide a handy function.


For blocks of C# code you can use the built in syntax highlighter with the following code: [[code type="cpp"]][[/code]].

// This is an example of a code snippet
string myVariable = "My Variable";
bool myBoolean = true;
int myNumber = 16346;

Please post clear instructions on how to implement the code and how to use it.

~knighty (Graeme Pollard - moc.liamg|33thgink#moc.liamg|33thgink)

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