Greg Costikyan

P R O F E S S I O N A L - O N - A - P A G E

Greg Costikyan(GC)

D.o.b. – 1955

Worked for –

Simulations Publications, Inc.
West End Games
Crossover Technologies
Unplugged Games (mobi)
Manifesto Games

Worked since – 1984

Key titles –

Toon (RPG W/ GC)(1)
Wing Commander(3)
Ultima underworld I&II(3)
System shock(3)
Theif: the dark project(4)
Deus Ex(5)
Deus Ex: Invisible war(5)
Theif: Deadly Shadows(5)

Details – a game industry consultant, and a games researcher for Nokia.
Interesting facts – married to Caroline Spector – Fantasy novelist

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Links –

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