Ian Bell

P R O F E S S I O N A L - O N - A - P A G E

Ian Bell (IB)

D.o.B – 1962

Worked for – 10tacle studios
GameTek Inc
Firebird Software

Key Titles – Free Fall
Elite Plus
Frontier: Elite II
F-16 Aggressor
F1 2002
GTR: FIA GT Racing Game
Heroes of the Pacific
GT Legends
GTR 2: FIA GT Racing Game

Details – Attended Cambridge University, graduating with a degree in mathematics in 1985 and a diploma in computer science in 1986. Co-author of Elite now CEO and Creative Director of Blimey! Games Ltd.

Interesting facts – co-founded SimBin Development Team AB with Henrik and Johan Roos before becoming CEO of Blimey! Games

Connections – David Braben

Links – http://www.iancgbell.clara.net/
Blog –
Interview – http://www.nesworld.com/bell.htm

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