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Assignment pitches

Please look at the attached Ludology0708_Assignment_PitchTimeSlots.xls spreadsheet.

All pitches should take place in B213. If you are clashing with a Computer Architecture or Comms & Web tutorial, please let your tutor know and they should let you off to go and do your pitch. Soft Dev I 2-4pm Tuesday is still taking place, but will be moved next door to make way for the pitches taking place in B213. You should pretty much be on your own in the room with the panel when delivering your pitch (though this is not guaranteed).

Final lecture

Rather than using blackboard, this time you can get a summary of the Final lecture of the semester.ppt here.

This lecture contains advice about what to do with your 3 working weeks over Christmas (3x40 = 120hrs of work!). Enjoy the other two weeks, take a good rest :)


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