What is Machinima?

1. Animation created from a game engine.
2. Created in a real time 3D enviornment.

Benefits of Machinima over Cinema

  • Less equipment needed and actors/ actresses, which makes machinima a lot cheaper
  • More flexibility in the development of the movie; it allows total control over visual representation of characters, events, movement, camera, environments, etc…
  • One actor/ actress is able to use his/ her voice for a variety of characters in the movie
  • Machinima is quicker to produce in comparison with most movies and especially CGI animation; multiple takes can be made in real-time quickly without having to move the actors/ actresses at the beginning of a take
  • A machinima production can be made in the comfort of your own home
  • Can be easily distributed (e.g. Youtube, Bittorrent, etc…); no studios to take your money
  • Direct contact with viewers/ fans


Machinima is a subject unfortunatly tained with Hugh Hancock, but it may be on the exam so its worth looking over. On the uDo forums there are some great examples including Haloid, Ignis Solus (The great Team Fortress 2 one) and a load of others worth checking out.

Future of Machinima

The future of Machinima probably lies in the creation of feature length films.

This could result in Hollywood actors being paid less and even being completely replaced by Machinima characters??

Machinima is currently free over the internet, but the future could hold Machinima being put onto DVD/Blueray etc which could result in viewers having to pay for the films??

in a select few cases machinima is already available in a feature length format, at a reasonable price on dvd's, on particular case is War of the Servers, a machinima adaptation of the original story of "War of the Worlds".

Revison Key Points

• Real-time
• Existing engine and art assets
• Script driven or player controlled (puppet)
• Reactions to real-world
• Very fast to produce
• Easier Distribution

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