Student Groups

Gamertags -> Go here and add yourself to the list if you have Xbox Live!

Group A1

  • Christopher Revell (Has a DS, Xbox 360 GamerTag = Revenator)
  • Graeme Pollard (Has a DS.)
  • James Parker (Getting a DS & has a PS3 - pwns all you 360 fans.)
  • Chaz Clifford (Idort.)

Group A2

  • Justin Alexander (Has a DS, LIVE)
  • Jonny McCormack (XBLive, DSLite, PC - and ofc, PS3 == suck;)
  • Jamie Keeling (Has a beefing PC, Laptop and a Xbox 360)

Group B1

  • Jordan Cordall (Has a DS.)
  • Andrew Allen (Has a DS.)
  • Dave Lev (Has a DS.)
  • Dan Carter (Doesn't have a DS but entered the Feedback comp to win one. And has a PS3 its my pride and joy =P)
  • Greg Bowler (GP2X, PSP, PC)

Group B2

  • Alec Vickers (Has a DS.)
  • Christopher LordChristopher Lord
  • Lucee Hibbard (Has a DS.)
  • Stephen Bartlett (Has a DS. and a longsword, no pigeons involved!)
  • God (Has a DS. And a PSP. Heathen!!)
  • Cthulhu (Has a DS.)
  • Sephiroth (wants a DS but is restrained by liscensing agreement.)
  • Chuck Norris (Roundhouse kicked his DS.)
  • Fury (has a level 52 Anus and FAILS HIS HOMEWORK)
  • Neil Pemberton (No DS, Has a 360, Mega-Gaming PC in the works)
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