Third Person Adventure

Third Person Adventure


Adventure games, are characterised by investigation, exploration, puzzle solving, interaction with game characters and a focus on narrative rather than reflex based challenges. The most notable earliest game that meets this criteria is the game ”The Secret of Monkey Island” . But I’m looking at TPA(Third Person Adventure) that would only appear later, when the hardware allowed 3D graphics, i.e. the playstation and N64 and namely the first tomb raider game. This in my mind was the first TPA, Mario 64 being a plat former, as you can see it meets most of the criteria for the action game but has a third person camera. With the exceptions of the character interaction being through cut scenes, and actually really heavily on reflex based challenges, but the latter is what made this game so unique and forged the genre that we now except today.

Game Example

Tomb Raider was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive in 1996 which took 18 months to develop. This game established the TPA genre that now exists, that I will discuss later, this was the first game to have a world that wasn’t about shooting for the most part but about exploration of a world where you had to climb terrain making the level itself a puzzle, how do I get to the top of that rock face, up that temple. For most of the game you will be climbing, and shimming along rock faces. Using her really high jump and grab ability to great effect and twisting the standard adventure genre into something that required more dexterity, there is also the collecting of items such as health and keys to solve puzzles. Such as collecting cogs to get a machine working to open a gate keeps it rooted in its adventure heritage, but with this 3D world added a lot to the genre.
The 3rd person adventure game is hard to define and can also be considered in modern times as simply action adventure as most games are represented in 3D as standard. This term can now be used to refer to virtually a game which combines elements of real- time action based challenges with some elements of problem solving, this is of course what tomb raider a TPA established before.
This led to the popular franchise Zelda Ocarina if time released in 1998 being coined an Action Adventure, this brought great advances to the genre, still being able to explore levels that had both item puzzled and spatial puzzles like Tomb Raider, but had a huge hub world ‘Hyrule Field’ that linked all these levels, so on the verge of free roaming. Having elements from RPG, speaking with NPC’s to get objectives collecting gems and levelling up, a lock on system where your target is but in a cross hair which is the standard and the day and night cycle to name a few. All these great new revolutionary features that it brought to the genre, that has now lead to many great action adventure games. So the future for this is not clear, what is sure there is defiantly no longer a clear cut action adventure as it has now multiple sub and hybrid genre, such as all survival horror games are essentially action adventure, look at dead rising. But in the future it will be in games like “The Outsider” as it is still a third person adventure at heart just with many other genres all spliced in.

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