XNA Tutorial


These tutorials are designed to give you the basics for XNA. You'll need this for Game Design and Imagine Cup project.

These are only suggested steps to follow, you are welcome to use any tutorials that you find online, however you must be able to deliver the Pool game by the deadline.

As will all resources - as soon as the tutorials are placed on the wiki they become owned by the group and any improvements can be made.


XNA Game Studio 2.0 is now compatible with all versions of Visual Studio (not just the C# express edition). You can download your own full version of Visual Studio from MSDN_AA. Then grab the XNA Game Studio from here


Some of the better tutorials are available from here (TODO).

Lab Tutorials (Originally created by James Cook)

Included in the files section are the tutorials that were placed in B212 and B213.

TODO - convert each from pdf to the wiki
TODO - These are your tutorials - edit them and update as you wish

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